January 8th // New World Order // Edmonton Portrait and Wedding Photographers

KaliBrett_01Okay, if you’re a tech geek then you know that Las Vegas is the home of  of the Consumer Electronics Show AKA, CES.  And it’s happening this week.  And I’m geeking out!!!!!  The new toys coming out this year are just AMAZING!!!!!!

I am actually twitchy!  Hahaha!

But, that’s not what this post is all about.   For this post I just want to announce an update to our new schedule for the year.  We are going to try out a shoot schedule of Wednesday evenings and Sundays only.  If we have a wedding on a given weekend, we will only shoot the wedding.  We both still have our day jobs and so we need that one day on the weekend to relax and get some downtime.  Naturally, if those days do not work for our clients we will do what we can to schedule other days.

Also, as a reminder to everyone, due to our day jobs and other factors, we are not always able to take a phone call.  Here are a few ways to reach us at almost any time of day.

Twitter: Dave can be tweeted at @SecondSightDave or you can tweet Mel at @PsychoDawnMD

E-Mail: Use out handy form on our Contact page, or smile@secondsightstudio.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/secondsightstudio


So as you can see, we are quite reachable.  Feel free to use any, or ALL of these options to stay in touch with us!