Dec 30th // Happy 2013! // // Edmonton Wedding and Portraits Photographers

Tomorrow (Monday the 31st) will be the first of 52 Vlogs occurring in the 2013 aura.  I’m going to talk about change and resolutions.  I was going to do it today but I think I’ve been fighting a cold for a few days and I wound up sleeping more than anything else.

My goal is to at least talk about something every single Monday and my main focus is going to be about covering how I’m dealing with change.  I will say here that my main 2013 resolution will be all about avoiding my comfort zone.  This one resolution covers a LOT of ground and will affect any things in my life and the lives of others.  Not only will this all be very revealing, but I hope it will spark a lot of change and discussion in others as well.

Also, if you’re a shutterbug of any Level,  join me and about 20 others on our 2013 365 Project!  Starts January 1st!  get more info on the 365 tab above!

Until next time, here’s a kitty! Or not…Seems the Database is a bit buggered right now…That’s okay, just Google “Kitty Cat” and you’ll find lots!  hehehe  Cheers!