February 17th – More video!

Lately we’ve been a getting a LOT more request for video productions!

We did video last week of a photoshoot for some dogs playing poker, photographed by the fantastic Darcy Evans.  We hope to have that video posted this week (Wednesday evening if we have our way!).

On Saturday we will be doing video for Nicole Zeigler which will ultimately be used in a promotional video of her photography and other works of art.

A couple of weeks ago we did a short video to showcase the talents of local makeup artist Riti Jain.  The purpose of the video was as an entry into a major contest for L’Oreal! Here’s the video!  Go show your support and help her get to Paris!


hmmm, There’s supposed to be a video showing up there…Not sure why it isn’t…Going to have to fix that when I get a chance. Until then, here’s a link to Riti’s video…