Katelyn with Willa.

Group 2 Photoshoots // Edmonton Portrait Photography

Katelyn with Willa.
Katelyn with Willa.

Okay, I made this page to answer the trickle of interest in my restructuring project.

I’m looking to focus my work more on simple, yet intense and powerful portraits of individuals.

Here’s a Pinterest board showing some of the ideas I’m looking at. https://www.pinterest.com/secondsightdave/amazing-portraits/

As part of what I’m calling Group 2 you will be subjected to a marketing/sales test I’m working on.

So, the deal is this.

We will do a portrait session in which the goal is to come away with ONE SINGLE IMAGE. More will naturally result from just shooting, but the goal is ONE image.

The one image will be given to you as a watermarked wed-ready image AND full size printable file. The full size file something I swore off ever offering at the beginning of the year. I’m giving you the one image as thanks for helping me develop this new process.

Other images from the session will be given to you as just watermarked web-ready images. These other images will be added to an online gallery where you can view them as well as order physical prints or purchase the full digital file.

If that still sounds good to you, let me know and we’ll set up a shoot!

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