Growth // Edmonton Portrait Photographer

TylerArtists go through periods where nothing they do feels good enough. Nothing has any real meaning or purpose. They feel they have no direction. Like maybe they will never have any actual talent. Like they should just give up and go work at the local factory painting knobs red all day.

As an artistic soul I often fall prey to my own psyche. I’ve spent the last 6 or 7 months pondering things from should I run a business to why can’t I focus on one discipline. I didn’t like my work anymore, I felt I should be producing more, or at least a higher quality. I just couldn’t pinpoint why I was feeling disillusioned by photography as a whole.People_00097_Earl

Then I had an encounter that brought it all all into razor sharp clarity. I won’t go into details because frankly, now that I’m aware, the details just don’t matter.

Suffice it to say, I think the realization allows me to move passed the stumbling block and progress in my passions!

As usual, I have lots of new ideas, plans in the works, and possibilities to explore! Keep watching here and on YouTube for more personal, occasionally daily VLOGS!


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