January 22nd // Schedule confirmation

Photo of teenage girl floating in mid air.
Creative shot from a Grad photo session.

Alright!  Yesterday I confirmed studio scheduling with our photographer friend who we share studio space with and Wednesday evenings and Sundays are good to go for session days!  So here is our newly updated schedule!

Mon and Tues are our weekend.  We do not shoot, edit, take calls, answer e-mails, or do anything work related on these two days
Wednesday evening is a shoot day. Either on location or in studio.
Thursday evening is an edit day to edit and package work.  If, magically, no editing needs to be done, we will deal with other work related items such as marketing, portfolio adjustments, etc.
Friday evening is also an edit day to edit and package work.  This may occasionally be overshadowed by a new Hollywood movie release we need to attend.
Saturdays are exclusively booked for our wedding clients.  If we have no wedding clients on a Saturday the day shall be used for either work related stuff or for personal time.  Remember, we do work day jobs so personal time is important to us.
Sundays are session days.  On location or in studio we will work with clients or will work on personal projects.

As always, if you have ANY questions or concerns, please don’t be afraid to talk us about them.

Bye for now!