January 4th // Working through illness // Edmonton Wedding and Portrait photography


As many people are experiencing this year, so far, the new year isn’t going quite according to many expectations.  A lot of us have started the year with great intentions, but due to catching a cold, or the flu many of us have done little more than slept or stared at the wall for hours on end.

One of my ideas for the new year was to implement some weekly blog/VLOG postings and so far, I’ve really only accomplished daily blog postings, though I did get one vlog post out.  However I wanted to do one yesterday for a weekly vlog I’m calling Thankful Thursdays.  Every Thursday I’m going to put out a vlog put where I discuss someone, or something, that I am thankful for.  I wanted to do one yesterday but after working the day, then being out trying to shoot my 365 image of the day (being posted later today at http://asthingschange.wordpress.com) I just didn’t have the poop to record a video.

Now, apart from being seriously tired, my head seems much much clearer than last night.  So with luck, I will do my Thankful Thursday video today and have it posted early this evening.

In addition to Thankful Thursday’s, what would you guys like to see us do here?  Is there anything you’d like us to discuss on a weekly basis?  Let us know!

Bye for now!