March 25th // Web Site Updates


Okay, I’ve neglected this web page far too long.  I am back at working on it and while it’s pretty bland right now you will likely see it change a lot over the coming weeks.  I’m trying to find a nice theme that I can customize decently and have a lot of control over.  Unfortunately it difficult to see how a lot of themes will actually look until there’s a good amount of content on them.

For example, theme in use as of this writing looks NOTHING like the demo of the theme and I can’t seem to make it look like the demo.  I WANT it to look like the demo with my own changes but if I can’t get the demo look right, them my changes aren’t too likely to work either.

Ah well, life is a work in progress, and so is this!  I expect to have it reach some form of completion in the next week or so and will then continue on the quest for the perfect theme.

Come along for the ride!