Wednesday’s Wedding – Megan and Terry // Edmonton Wedding Photographers // Second Sight Studio

MeganTerry_013_Heroes_SliderThis was SUCH a geek wedding and so much fun!  Star Wars and superheroes!  It was almost a minor disaster though.

Awesomely, they had rented a school bus instead of a limo.  However the bus company neglected to inform the driver of the proper details.  The driver thought he was to pick up the groomsmen, then the bride and bridesmaids, and deliver them to the church.  But they had paid for the full day!  The driver was fantastic about the whole thing.  He did what he could to confirm the details (because the bus company is closed on Saturdays!) and then had to make arrangements with his wife and another job he had booked to take care of the rest of the day for him so that he could focus on our couple!  If they had gotten a different guy, they might have been hooped from transportation for over half the day!  Oh, they had also booked a small bus, but the guy drove the big one!  So the decorations they had didn’t quite work as well as they had hoped.

So anyway, the bus worked out even better than expected.  After we did all the formal photos, they invited us back to Boston Pizza for drinks before the ceremony.  So Mel and I drove from the museum to the agreed upon Boston Pizza and arranged for a table to about 15 people.

And then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.

They never showed up.  Eventually Mel and I had to leave to get to the reception hall in time.

Turns out, they had gone driving up and down Jasper Ave and Whyte Ave having themselves a small riot of a party on the bus.  They yelled and screamed at poor defenceless pedestrians and the driver honked his horn like a madman!  And because we were waiting at Boston Pizza we have no photos of any of this!  Of course they were so busy having fun they never got our calls or txts.  So let that be a lesson to you future brides, always stay in touch with your photographers!  Ha ha!